'Carnival' is a short film idea that I developed in my second year of university. Carnival follows a young boy who is so excited for the Rio De Janeiro carnival that he dreams about it the day before. In his dream he experiences the worst possible outcome for his day at the carnival. He wakes up late, his costume tears and these everyday mishaps are followed by bigger and even more exaggerated obstacles, which prevent him from getting to the carnival in time. 


Carnival was inspired by Renato Sorriso, who became famous after a video of him samba dancing whilst cleaning after the 2008 Rio De Janerio Carnival became viral. He was also featured in the Closing ceremony for the 2012 Olympics, as the 2016 Olympics were being hosted in Brazil. 

Carnival developed into a very different idea, about a boy who is late for the Rio Carnival and has to overcome some obstacles to get there. It was early on establishes that the main protagonist was going to be from the Favelas, and that his struggle to reaching the carnival could somehow depict how there is so much wealth put into the Carnival but not into the rest of Rio. The story was not developed any further.