'Deflated' is a short student film Directed and Produced by Philippha (Pippa) Humphrey and myself. It is light hearted comedy that follows a six year old girl, Maya, on an emotional rollercoaster as she try's to get to grips with the loss of her first pet.


'Deflated' started development in 2016, by Pippa. The main idea for this film has always revolved around a girl experiencing grief through a balloon of her dead pet. Below are some early concept pieces by Philippa. 


After joining Deflated as a Co-Director/Producer, I also volunteered to be Art Director as I am very passionate about design in animation and wanted to create an art style that we would be able to animate and similar to Pippa's influences. Pascal Campion was a big influence in our work, as we wanted to create a colourful film with strong compositions. I also looked at Steve Lowtwait, a layout for the Cartoon Network Series 'We Bare Bears'. 


Our initial inspiration came from Nick Watson, an illustrator, who creates lots of pieces with children. Achieving the character designs was quite hard, as I wanted to keep the influences of Nick Watson but also have them as simple as possible, so that it would not be a huge task when it came to animate them.